The Ribena Colouring Café

Brass successfully launched a huge new digital marketing campaign in 2016 to promote Ribena Light.

As Ribena’s digital and social agency, we led a multi-agency team to produce a series of hero video content, tailored for different social platforms, to ensure optimal engagement. The idea behind the video? A 120 tiled, Ribena inspired illustration that would be coloured in at a one day only event at Ribena’s Colouring Café in Covent Garden.

The Ribena Colouring Café was a concept Brass developed to capture the Ribena brand essence. The partnership with Alex Lucas, a Bristol born illustrator, was the perfect fit with her characterful animal illustrations that complimented the You Can’t Get Any More Ribenary advert re launched in April.

As well as the overall campaign strategy and creative concept, we led The Ribena Colouring Café brand development, web design guidance, copy writing, video production and social amplification.

The Ribena Colouring Café opened on June 30th. Participants were recruited through social media and directed to a campaign area on to sign up to attend.

The event day saw 100 participants enter the café across the day, choose a tile, and enjoy an hour of colouring whilst sampling Ribena Light. Participants were then asked to place their tile on the structure and invited back for the reveal.

It wouldn’t be Ribena if we simply revealed the final coloured illustration, so the illustration was brought to life through projection mapping and matched to the recognisable tune of Zooby Doo.

A first for the Ribena brand, the digital-led campaign included a hero film bringing to life The Ribena Colouring Café event which was then amplified across Facebook, Instagram, You Tube, VoD & Digital Video.

Also included was an online colouring App that allows users to colour in a piece of The Ribena Colouring Café illustration from their device and share on social media. Additional content from The Ribena Colouring Café event was also hosted on the website, such as background to Ribena artist Alex Lucas and images from the day.

Category challenging digital ecosystem for Flonase Global

Flonase is a game changing allergy treatment from GSK that goes further than traditional anti-histamines in blocking five more of the bodies allergic responses. Whilst it had been available as a prescription product in many global markets, our challenge was to manage all aspects of Flonase’s digital launch as a consumer product.

Using a combination of social listening, search analysis and unique consumer insight, we found that many allergy brands were out of tune with their consumers, just delivering the same products and rhetoric unchanged for a decade. With the category dominated by norms and conventions, to gain stand out we really needed to understand what allergy users thought and felt about their condition, and what they wanted from a brand.

Our strategy involved recruiting allergy sufferers at different stages in their allergy journey; delivering compelling content which worked to educate them about their allergies, and communicating Flonase as their new treatment solution. As well as producing new websites and originating all content for multiple markets, we also produced a suite of videos to drive social sharing for this breakthrough brand.

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Specially formulated content for Sensodyne

Leading oralcare brand Sensodyne offers a range of products that are specially formulated to treat sensitive teeth. As sensitive teeth can affect almost anyone, we were tasked with driving awareness of the condition as well as increasing sales of the entire Sensodyne range across 9 key global markets.

Our strategic approach was first informed by an extensive insight programme which incorporated multilingual social listening, search analysis, competitor evaluation and consumer insight. Building on our insight, we then devised a publishing plan of relevant and engaging social content which would really resonate with consumers in each market. Our content built on the strengths of the Sensodyne brand, was empathetic to sufferers and worked to highlight Sensodyne’s effective solutions for sensitive teeth.

Since the roll out our global toolkit of content, it’s been smiles all round with markets seeing a 3 fold increase in post reach and engagement on Facebook.

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Mad for MAOAM

When leading confectioners MAOAM asked us to build brand love and drive awareness of their products online – we responded with a full publishing plan covering key social platforms and a range of engaging content covering promotions and new product launches.

To launch MAOAM’s limited edition raspberry flavoured blue Pinballs, we created the big blue headed ‘Blue Chew Guy’. This larger than life character generated real head turning content for the brand through a series of off-the-wall social media videos, which saw our blue-headed hero asking “I like it – have you got it in blue?” in a range of increasingly silly sketches (asking for blue bananas, roses, wedding dresses, and football shirts…) with MAOAM fans choosing where the Blue Chew Guy should go next.

We don’t want to sound big blue headed but we’re pleased to say our content and media planning has increased MAOAM’s average post reach by a whopping 1025%.

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Creating the Happy World of HARIBO online

Confectionery giant HARIBO, (the UK’s number one gums and jellies brand) appointed us in early 2014. Our role as HARIBO’s digital and social agency is to develop the brand’s digital strategy, and to manage their social online presence.

Our social content celebrates consumers’ love for HARIBO, with a creative publishing plan of always on posts which focus on the brand’s hero products; Starmix, Tangfastics and Supermix. In addition we’re also developing and implementing campaigns around NPD and seasonal lines, including recent social content and an online hub for the despicably delicious HARIBO Minions. Our HARIBO Minions launch post achieved 27,000 likes, 7,500 shares and 3,500 comments.

We’ve also produced reactive content which has seen big results. When singer Ellie Goulding posed us a question about HARIBO vegetarian products on Twitter, we created something special for her in response. Ellie retweeted our post to her 3.3m followers – giving our post a ¼ of a million impressions.

Our work on social for HARIBO has also been recognised by The Grocer working with Headstream, ranking HARIBO #3 in the top 10 most socially engaging FMCG brands.

“We are delighted with the results of the HARIBO Minions social campaign. This was a very important launch for us and our social channels were key to its success. We now not only have a set of very impressive results, but also key learnings which we can apply to our future social activity. We’ve been really impressed by the strategic thinking, creativity and community management from Brass Alt, and we’re very proud of what we’ve achieved.” – Alison Ball, Brand Manager, HARIBO UK

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Testing teams to the limit with Lucozade Sport – GOLD IPM award winner

To promote their Fuel to Rule campaign, Lucozade Sport – the official sports drink of the England team – launched the “Conditions Zone”, a purpose built state-of-the-art 5-a-side facility built to simulate the temperatures and humidity experienced by players during the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. As Lucozade Sports’ lead digital and social agency, we worked as part of a multi-agency team to fuel discussion around hydration and performance.

We first recruited amateur teams who wanted to test themselves to the limit via online display, deployed on grass roots sites and managed their registrations via the Lucozade Sport website. Within the Conditions Zone we worked alongside Lucozade Sports’ experiential agency to manage the tablet registration process for each player, recording their key stats. With the brand’s team of sports scientists, we produced all interface design within the Conditions Zone, displaying pre and post-match data recorded via wearable tech relating to weight, fluid loss and distance covered during the match.

The Conditions Zone hub we created on the Lucozade Sport website attracted significant visitor numbers within just four weeks. The hub also housed our Conditions Simulator – a tool allowing users to control conditions to see how location, hydration level, game length and play intensity affect performance.

During the tournament we engaged Lucozade Sport fans on Social Media. Working within stringent World Cup guidelines, we developed and published a range of content around conditions and performance, including a range of infographics and videos with all the action from the Zone – complete with drone tour footage.

Our work on this campaign picked up a Gold award for Best Use of Technology at the 2015 IPM awards

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Capturing Yes Moments with Lucozade Energy

As part of Lucozade Energy’s biggest ever on pack promotion the “Yes Project”, the brand partnered with Snowbombing – Europe’s biggest music festival on snow. And as Lucozade Energy’s lead social and digital agency, we were there to capture “yes moments” during the adrenaline filled road trip from Dover to Mayrhofen in Austria.

Together with TV presenter Will Best, our team followed the madness and mayhem of 500 festival goers in full superhero fancy dress en route to Snowbombing. After a lot of meticulous planning back in the UK, we directed and filmed all footage using GoPros to tell the story of the journey. Delivering the videos as close to real time as possible, we shot, edited and turned around all 5 episodic videos in 48 hours – publishing each while on the road.

Deployed on Lucozade Energy’s YouTube channel, social channels and website, the videos generated well over 1 million views.

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Helping first direct win the trust of millions

first direct commissioned us to communicate their great customer service record to the public. Our solution was to stream live feeds from social media on the first direct website, displaying what customers genuinely thought of the bank. It was a brave and visionary idea that conveyed both first direct’s confidence in its service and commitment to transparency.

The concept garnered extensive coverage in the national press and won an Econsultancy Innovation in Online PR Award.

Wonderfully transparent campaign for a bank pushing past the conventional boundaries which will become a widely used case study for effective online PR.” Econsultancy Judging Panel

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Our BAFTA award nominated work for CBBC

As a BBC rostered agency we worked with CBBC characters Hacker and Dodge, and developed an online game around what must be the two coolest pups on TV. We created the live action Pup Stars game, which allowed children to get close to the characters by becoming part of Hacker and Dodge’s band, playing different instruments at a variety of levels and unlocking secret content.

We generated all scripts, music and gameplay for Pup Stars and directed the live action footage at the Television Centre with Hacker and Dodge and their puppeteers.

The collaborative approach taken between Brass, the producers and performers has created a fantastic product that kids love and which gives Hacker and Dodge a completely new platform. It is a clear sign of the opportunities that exist for TV character properties as they continue to develop and grow in the digital space.” – Damian Kavanagh, CBBC Controller.

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Umbro Bring It On

Umbro tasked us with devising a digital solution to “inspire and excite the world of football”. Our work needed to challenge existing perceptions of the brand and bring Umbro’s new positioning of “Bring It On” to life – leveraging the brand’s strong heritage in football to engage young consumers on an international level.

Using earned, owned and paid media, we created an authoritative and authentic brand experience that really resonated. In addition to innovative video-led product, England and team content, multilingual included “Have Your Say”, the world’s biggest football survey which delivered results in real time. In addition, a combination of ambitious rich media campaigns, eCRM, social and QR, helped us to deliver the best ever results for the brand online.

We worked closely with the team at Umbro for over four years as the brand’s global digital agency. Our work for Umbro is multi-award winning.

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Launching Oilatum’s digital presence in the UK

Oilatum is a specialist skin care range designed for the treatment of dry skin conditions including eczema, and is suitable for babies, children and adults.

As Oilatum had very little in the way of digital presence up to 2013/4, our task was to work with with the brand to understand where parents were online, how they were identifying their child’s condition and how we could best help them. In the first instance we needed to have a presence so that we could be found!

We have built a fully responsive website that is now evolving to house more content as the brand portfolio grows. Traffic levels have increased through a strategic combination of natural search rankings, online display, media partnerships and through second screening complementing our sponsorship of ITV’s Good Morning Britain.

Whilst these are small steps, they have resulted in a real success story with high engagement rates matching through to increased sales penetration.

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Inspiring family time with Ribena’s Let’s Do It Club

Ribena tasked us with evolving the brand online to engage with one of their key audiences – UK parents. Built on consumer insights, we devised a strategy which would further extend Ribena’s content marketing; placing parents at the heart of our digital communications, and providing them with highly engaging, shareable, value added content.

We developed the “Let’s Do It Club”, a place for parents to get inspired and creative. With a range of ideas to help keep their children entertained during family time, the Let’s Do It Club is hosted on a dedicated area of the Ribena website and contains a range of 80 ‘edu-training’ videos all ideated, directed, and produced by us. The video content on the site is split into ‘Try It’, ‘Make It’, ‘Bake It’ and ‘Grow It’, with each video accompanied by easy to follow instructions. The Club was activated using a range of online channels including search, PPC, CRM, video seeding and online display.

The Let’s Do It Club continues to activate parents’ relationships with the brand with nearly a quarter of all visitors returning to Let’s Do It Club content on the site.

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Corsodyl – the Total Digital approach

Corsodyl asked us to provide a joined up online experience that would cross-promote diverse elements, extend consumer journeys and deliver enhanced reach and return.

Our work began with detailed consumer insight, including online landscaping, search analysis, web analytics and social listening. This led us to recommend a programme of continuous development – an evolution towards a new digital footprint.

We rebuilt the Corsodyl website to make it dynamic and engaging. We aligned with ATL activity, improved and optimised the customer journey, revised copy, increased product focus and aligned the site with consumer wants and needs. The result of our work was a drastically improved bounce rate and dwell time.

We are currently working on the next stages of evolution – watch this space!

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Extreme hair care launch for Schwarzkopf

For the UK launch of the got2b hair care range for Schwarzkopf, we recruited YouTube hair styling superstar Birdboy – a Florida-based parkourist with trademark flamboyant hair. We brought brand advocate Birdboy to the UK to meet up with Urban Freeflow at the London Parkour Jam, and filmed the results. This footage, together with a range of “how to” video content demonstrating styling techniques, were added to a custom-built Schwarzkopf YouTube channel.

Accompanied by PPC, online display and social media support, within three months our work generated over 45 major pieces of national coverage across online and offline consumer media and over 13m OTS. The budget was small and the ROI was extreme!

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Transforming Ribena’s digital presence

We have worked closely with iconic British drink Ribena for the last six years and are the brand’s digital agency. During this time we have encouraged the client to reappraise digital, highlighting the significant opportunities available and making a persuasive and proven case for change.

This has resulted in the development and implementation of a bespoke Total Digital solution; a new strategic direction for Ribena, firmly grounded in insight, which has successfully and consistently delivered great results for the brand. We are responsible for the strategic direction of Ribena online, all technical, creative content, and for the management of the brand’s entire digital presence.

Ribena has a diverse product portfolio appealing to young adults and parents. This has led to us develop segmented strategies across eCRM, web, social and online media that deliver a proven ROI.

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Developing a Total Digital strategy for Poligrip Global

We were brought on-board to develop a new global Total Digital strategy for GSK’s Denture Care brands. We were tasked with creating a more developed, sophisticated, and consistent global digital presence which could be rolled out across 22 markets. We were also asked to develop a digital road map for the brand to ultimately aid in achieving commercial targets.

Following our Total Digital process, we went through a detailed insight phase investigating the digital behaviour of both full and partial denture wearers. From this work we were able to identify consumers’ desire for a greater level of information about the issues they faced; consumers wanted real stories from peers and the opportunity to interact with other wearers. This highlighted an opportunity for the brand to facilitate these sorts of conversations and deliver educational and engaging content.

Through our strategic planning, we defined Corsodyl’s core digital channels and requirements: a new, more sophisticated website incorporating a global forum to connect denture wearers worldwide, a higher level of relevant content such as video, creative online display and paid search.

The future will see us continually optimising the strategy to ensure that the brand is able to engage and respond to the denture care market.

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A new online presence for Panadol

We’ve been working for the last 3 years as Panadol’s global digital agency.

We initially conducted detailed insight to get a clear understanding as to where Panadol consumers spend their time online. This helped us to build a picture of consumer behaviour, and specifically their social and brand interactions. This insight along with site analytics, social listening and existing data helped us to develop a strategy for the brand globally.

In addition to designing and developing a new global website, we have developed SEO/SEM guidelines and account set-ups, new analytics dashboards and some great hard-hitting online media campaigns.

Developing and delivering infrastructure and campaigns to global markets for different brands, different products and different consumer cultures is never easy, but we’re proud of what we have achieved for Panadol.

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Empowering young people online with the Department for Education

We were asked to develop a five-year strategy for the Department for Education to deliver information, advice and guidance to 14-19 year olds. We defined a strategic approach that would enable the Department to deliver credible, useful and relevant content to this diverse audience.

The project included a comprehensive one-year programme of insight gathering and user engagement. We deployed a range of contrasting research methods to gain a deeper understanding of our audience. Our search, social data and analytical data collection was enhanced by consulting with an external advisory committee, prominent academics, digital industry leaders and a nationally representative panel of young people.

From our insights we then identified opportunities and developed a strategic approach around ‘content everywhere’. This approach allowed content to be distributed to young people wherever they were online, therefore increasing the ways in which they could access support.

We delivered a ground-breaking strategy that has been designed to form the cornerstone of the Department for Education’s approach to engaging with young people online. Our work was celebrated by the Department, and gained crucial recognition from Number 10.

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Fighting neglect and abuse with the NSPCC’s “All Babies count” campaign

The NSPCC’s “All Babies Count” campaign highlighted the vulnerability of babies to neglect and abuse, and called for new parents to receive better support to allow for early intervention. We were appointed to produce digital work for the campaign to enable the public to pledge their support through social media.

With a deadline of just two weeks, we built a campaign microsite, located and engaged a range of key influencers and produced persuasive content for use across social media.

We rallied over 44,000 petition pledges, exceeding our target by over 30,000. On Twitter, we saw over 5,800 uses of #allbabiescount, and 11 celebrity influencers tweeted using the hashtag. In all, over £25,000 was raised as a result of social media engagement with over 10,000 people supporting the campaign on Facebook and 65 bloggers engaging with our content.

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A Facebook community for Jamaica Ginger Cake

McVitie’s Jamaica Ginger Cake is one of the nation’s best loved branded cakes. Although it’s traditionally been seen as a teatime treat, Jamaica Ginger Cake is a very versatile product and is frequently used in recipes and by celebrity chefs as a “cheat” ingredient. To reinvigorate the brand and highlight the versatility of Jamaica Ginger Cake, we produced McVitie’s first ever digital promotion.

The brand’s marketing had been targeting and audience of women over 50. Our insight lead to our recommendation to shift this to mums who were 25+, allowing us to engage with a larger, more active online audience.

To achieve this we built a Facebook community around baking, with creative focused around a kitsch look and feel which would resonate with a mums audience. Rustie Lee was commissioned as the face of the campaign, and a key part of the activity was a recipe competition, which she judged, hosted on a Facebook app.

Our work helped build a large, active online community of fans and quadrupled the brand’s engagement rate on Facebook.

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Changing perceptions of DMGT online

We were appointed by global media group DMGT to develop their five-year digital corporate communications strategy. The Group asked us to recommend how digital could aide their CSR, investor relations and employee initiatives to address perceptions of DMGT.

Our extensive programme of insight gathering and evaluation included interviews conducted with Board members and Group CEOs, visibility audits and competitor/peer reviews. Our recommendations covered internal cultural and HR change, publishing processes and tools, and the development of web and social media content and publishing plans.

It’s no mean feat advising the publisher of the world’s most popular online newspaper on how they need to embrace social media – but we did it!

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Global digital strategy for GSK’s Cold & Flu brands

Globally, GSK’s Cold & Flu category have new products to launch, and an established base business to maintain. Our objective is to increase the impact of digital on the consumer journey both during peak cold and flu seasons and as part of regular shopping.

We had to address both the emotional and rational sides of consumers’ behaviours; giving them the information they required to buy the most effective product to meet their needs, and therefore increasing penetration and repeat purchase.

Our consumer insight work led us to a year 1 strategy that is currently rolling out globally.  Utilising search, social and compelling content we’re starting to push forward the impact of digital comms on the global Cold & Flu category.

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