Category challenging digital ecosystem for Flonase Global

Flonase is a game changing allergy treatment from GSK that goes further than traditional anti-histamines in blocking five more of the bodies allergic responses. Whilst it had been available as a prescription product in many global markets, our challenge was to manage all aspects of Flonase’s digital launch as a consumer product.

Using a combination of social listening, search analysis and unique consumer insight, we found that many allergy brands were out of tune with their consumers, just delivering the same products and rhetoric unchanged for a decade. With the category dominated by norms and conventions, to gain stand out we really needed to understand what allergy users thought and felt about their condition, and what they wanted from a brand.

Our strategy involved recruiting allergy sufferers at different stages in their allergy journey; delivering compelling content which worked to educate them about their allergies, and communicating Flonase as their new treatment solution. As well as producing new websites and originating all content for multiple markets, we also produced a suite of videos to drive social sharing for this breakthrough brand.

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