Developing a Total Digital strategy for Poligrip Global

We were brought on-board to develop a new global Total Digital strategy for GSK’s Denture Care brands. We were tasked with creating a more developed, sophisticated, and consistent global digital presence which could be rolled out across 22 markets. We were also asked to develop a digital road map for the brand to ultimately aid in achieving commercial targets.

Following our Total Digital process, we went through a detailed insight phase investigating the digital behaviour of both full and partial denture wearers. From this work we were able to identify consumers’ desire for a greater level of information about the issues they faced; consumers wanted real stories from peers and the opportunity to interact with other wearers. This highlighted an opportunity for the brand to facilitate these sorts of conversations and deliver educational and engaging content.

Through our strategic planning, we defined Corsodyl’s core digital channels and requirements: a new, more sophisticated website incorporating a global forum to connect denture wearers worldwide, a higher level of relevant content such as video, creative online display and paid search.

The future will see us continually optimising the strategy to ensure that the brand is able to engage and respond to the denture care market.

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