Fighting neglect and abuse with the NSPCC’s “All Babies count” campaign

The NSPCC’s “All Babies Count” campaign highlighted the vulnerability of babies to neglect and abuse, and called for new parents to receive better support to allow for early intervention. We were appointed to produce digital work for the campaign to enable the public to pledge their support through social media.

With a deadline of just two weeks, we built a campaign microsite, located and engaged a range of key influencers and produced persuasive content for use across social media.

We rallied over 44,000 petition pledges, exceeding our target by over 30,000. On Twitter, we saw over 5,800 uses of #allbabiescount, and 11 celebrity influencers tweeted using the hashtag. In all, over £25,000 was raised as a result of social media engagement with over 10,000 people supporting the campaign on Facebook and 65 bloggers engaging with our content.

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